HR Philosophy

HR Philosophy

Scope’s human resource philosophy is to provide and nurture a congenial organizational work culture, to help Scopians strive for growth and excellence in operations, to ensure client satisfaction.

HR Policy

Our people are the core of our operational expertise. We place great emphasis on recruiting, training and retaining the right people who come from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds. This diversity enables us to achieve our goals through brainstorming of "minds at work" in a customer - driven work environment. Rewards and recognition schemes are oriented to grooming high performers for larger opportunities.

Work Culture

Scope boasts of a youthful and vibrant work culture, complemented by a work environment that promotes teamwork and obtains the best from each employee. A strong emphasis is laid on the "Learn, Share and Grow" policy. Consistent information sharing across various levels of the organization is promoted through effective channels of communication such as communication teams and open houses. Fun activities include get-togethers, picnics, etc.

We are extremely proud of the fact that our attrition levels are the lowest in the industry, thanks to the highly professional and friendly work culture.